DVDO Platinum – 4K Ultra HDMI® PrimePass Cable

DVDO Platinum PrimePass certified cables guarantee connections to 18Gbps. With full support of the latest 4K/60 4:4:4 full speed 600MHz signals, DVDO Platinum cables prevent sparkles, loss of color depth, or no connection even when sources or displays are upgraded.

2m Cable MSRP $59

3m Cable MSRP $79

Highest Quality Cable Design

DVDO Platinum cables are designed from the ground up with full speed HDMI in mind. These world class cables combine extreme shielding techniques, larger diameter individual wires, and new methods of separating individual signals within the cable to provide guaranteed performance even with full HDMI signals.

Future-Proof Peace of Mind

Worried that adding one new piece of HDMI equipment will cause video instability, or unreliable HDMI connections due to the higher bandwidth required? With DVDO Platinum cables you can rest easy knowing that your system will handle anything you can throw at it. Using the right cable now will ensure a more stable system and reduce troubleshooting time in the future.

Prime Pass Assurance

PrimePass is a certification program that ensures the secure transmission of premium UltraHD content between devices. The PrimePass program starts with standards that you already know, such as HDMI®, and adds stringent requirements to represent the state of the art viewing experience for premium content. To be PrimePass certified, a device must undergo an exhaustive set of tests in a specialized laboratory. The device is tested to check that its video connections are compatible with other devices. The device is also tested to make sure that it meets the rigorous requirements of the PrimePass program. Only if the device passes these tests can it carry the PrimePass logo.
Learn more at primepass.tv

Prime Pass Certification

Part of the PrimePass certification includes testing the cable at full length with a full HDMI 600MHz signal. A special eye pattern test measures the capability of a cable to transmit a clean signal that can be received on the other end without distortion
\In the diagram to the left, the data carried by the cable (light blue) should not cross into the danger zone (dark blue). Because of the excellent shielding (white) and wide separation of individual signal pairs within the DVDO® Platinum Cable the data is secure.

  • PrimePass Certified
  • Certified 4K/60 4:4:4
  • 600MHz
  • 18Gbps
  • 4Kx2K support
  • ARC
  • Deep color 8/10/12bit
  • 32 Channel Audio
  • Extreme Shielding
  • Gold Plated Pins
  • 3D