DVDO Free Camera Giveaway


For a limited time, DVDO is giving away a free commercial-quality HD camera with qualifying reseller purchases:


  • Free DVDO-C1-1 Pro Webcam (MSRP $109) for each $500 purchase
  • Free DVDO-C2-1 PTZ Conferencing Camera (MSRP $1049) for each $3000 purchase
  • Free DVDO-C3-1 Intelligent Tracking Camera (MSRP $1499) for each $5000 purchase


Terms and Conditions

  1. Program valid 4/7-21 - 5/31/21
  2. Open to US-based resellers who sign up as a DVDO dealer at dvdo.com (please allow 1 business day for registration.)
  3. After placing an order through checkout at dvdo.com at dealer cost totaling $500, $3000, or $5000, DVDO will automatically add:
    - 1 DVDO-C1-1 camera for a $500 order, or
    - 1 DVDO-C2-1 camera for a $3000 order, or
    - 1 DVDO-C3-1 camera for a $5000 order.
  4. You will receive an updated order with 24 hours with the camera added to the order.
  5. No additional shipping charges for the camera.
  6. Please note: Free camera must accompany product returns.
  7. For International Dealers, please see your country distributor for offers or email orders@dvdo.com
  8. Any further questions, please email orders@dvdo.com